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The spirit pf Christmas is evident in Kerala. Host to Christmas missionaries through the centuries, the State`s Christmas celebration is unique. The birth of Jesus Christ on December 25th each year sees a variety of customs and ceremonies. To begin with, there is the Christmas Star, the Christmas tree, the Christmas cake, the crib, presents and Christmas father who is the main attraction for children. The twinkling Christmas Star put up at almost all homes sets the tone for a season of cheerfulness and joy.


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In cathedrals and churches, the nativity of Jesus is enacted through miniature models. carols and songs are sung. Priests hold the Holy Mass in churches at midnight. Hymns are sung and crackers are turnt to signify the coming of Jesus Christ into the world. Later in the day, there is a feast with delicacies. Cakes are made at homes along with Kerala sweets making Christmas a traditional Kerala festival.

Exchange of greeting Cards and receiving gifts have now become the integral part of the festivals associated with the Christmas. There is also a feast in every Christian home with meat, turkey, cake as a special item and the celebration of Christmas leave good memories in every heart.

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