Onam   HmWw

The Thiruvonam day of the first Malayalam month Chingam is a special day for all Malayalees within and outside the state. In a way,
Onam can be said to be a New Year Festival, Spring Festival and also a Harvest Festival.
Heard of the legend about Onam? Once there ruled an Asura king called Mahabali.
He ruled the three worlds - land, sea, heaven. There was no poverty and injustice in his kingdom. There was prosperity and harmony everywhere.
The Onam songs speak of the wealth, prosperity and happiness of that period. Here is one such song


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Maveli naadu vaaniidum kaalam
Maanusharellarum onnupoole
Aamodhathoode vasikkum kaalam
Kallavumilla chathiyumilla
Elloolamilla polivachanam
Kallapparayum cherinaazhiyum
Kallatharangal mattonnumilla.

sFizcykqambncpp N{IhnbpsS cmPyw.As karnsb hnfndnbnp ]e HmWmpIfpw Dv. AXnsemp tItmfq.

The Devas were jealous of the happiness and prosperity of Mahabali's kingdom. But they were sure that they cannot beat Mahabali in a just and fair manner. So they sought the help of Lord MahaVishnu. He decided to take the form of Vamana.
amthen \mSp hmWoSpw Imew
am\pjscmcpw Hpt]mse
BtamZtmsS hknpw Imew
Iffhpan NXnbpan
Ftmfan s]mfnhN\w
Iffdbpw sNdp\mgnbpw
Iůc asmpan.

When Mahabali asked Vamana what alms he sought, Vamana replied he would like as much ground as he could cover with three footsteps.

Mahabali agreed to his wish. Lord Vishnu covered the land and seas with one step and heaven with the second. Mahabali recognized the presence of the Lord and offered his head as the ground for Vamana's third step. Mahabali was thus subjugated and sent to the underworld.

However because he was a fair and just king who loved his subjects, he could return once a year to check on the welfare of his people. Thus Onam is celebrated every year to welcome Mahabali, the good demon king of Kerala.

Onam is a festival of festive celebrations. New clothes are bought on this day and people indulge themselves in dances and sports. The number of days of the festival range from four to ten days, depending on the region.

The children and the youth join in the mirth of the season and set about collecting flowers early morning to decorate the yards of their houses for the 10 days of the festival starting from Atham to Thiruvonam.

The native flower carpet known as 'Onappookkalam' is the highlight of the decoration.

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