It is test time now as we have to evaluate our learning also. Lets start with alphabets first. Some simple alphabet games are given to test the vowels, consonants, compound letters etc.

CXphsc \ ]Tn `mK F{Xtmfw Dsmp Fv ]cntim[nWatm. BZyw \apv Acfn \np Xs XpSmw.

kzcfpw, hyRvP\fpw, Iqcfpsams ]cntim[nphm\p Nne ckIcamb AcfnIfmWnXn.

Through these little games we can also revise our earlier lessons.


Cu Ipªn¡fnIfneqsS BZy ]mT§sfms¡ \ap¡v Hóv IqsS lrZnØam¡mw.