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Sculpture   inev]Ie
Kerala, the land of infinite charm is also the homeland of exquisite sculpture. In Kerala, the earliest specimen of sculptures in stone are the three figures found in the cave temple at Kaviyoor which belong to the 8th century AD. The ancient Vishnu temple at Thrikkodithanam in Changanacherry has two 'Vyali' panels with sculpture belonging to the 11th century, depicting two distinct types of ancient dances.

The stone and wood carvings of Kerala show the high level of sculptural excellence. The temples of Kerala contain exquisite sculptures, particularly in stone which exibit diverse influences of Pandya, Chola, Vijayanagara etc. The figures of dieties and animals, dance scenes etc on the temple walls at Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Vaikkom Shiva Temple, Varkala Janardhanaswamy Temple, Thiruvallam Parasurama Temple are fine examples of Kerala's stone sculpture. The churches of Kerala have also enriched the sculptural tradition. The churches at Kaduthuruthi, Changanacherry are best examples of Stone sculpture.

The wood carvings in Kerala temples are masterpieces. The Kuthambalam Mandapas have puranic figures carved on wood. Haripad Subrahmania Temple, Sri Vallabha Temple at Thiruvalla, Triprayar Rama Temple etc have exquisite wood carvings. The church of St. Thomas at Mulanthuruthi, St. George Church at Edappalli, Cheriyapalli Church at Kadathuruthi are fine examples of wood carvings.

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