Fine Arts    
Handicrafts       IcIuiehnZy

The handicrafts of Kerala are noted for their uniqueness in style, perfection of form and elegance of design. The craftsmen of Kerala have made the most skillful use of the raw materials. By bell metal casting the craftsmen of Kerala produces a variety of images of Gods & Goddesses. Aranmula Metal Mirror deserves special mention in the bell metal industry of Kerala. Wood carving, Ivory and Buffalo Horn carving, Bamboo reed carving, Palmyra leaf weaving, Cane work, Granite carving, Coconut shell carving, Coir carving, Lacquer work are some of the important handicraft making activities of Kerala . Life size models of Kathakali and models depicting snake boat race of Kerala are exclusive masterpieces of Kerala artisans. The idols of Lord Nataraja in dancing posture and the various lamps (vilakku) are also created by artisans.
Wood craft is one of the ancient arts of Kerala. Items of furniture like chairs, tables, sofas, cots, Kathakali faces, models of caparisoned elephants are items of popular demand.
Ivory carving is another traditional art of Kerala. The craftsmen engaged in this art present a variety of models of mythological characters, animals, birds, cigarette cases etc to cater to different tastes. A typical specimen of ivory carving is that of Snake boat (Chundan Vallam) and is cherished by tourists to the State as a memento. Being a maritime State, Kerala has its own handicrafts based on marine materials. Conch-shell articles like paper weight, ash trays, decorative hangings etc are made by craftsmen.

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