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Like in other South Indian States, Carnatic Music is the most popular form of Classical music in Kerala. Kerala also has its own distinct musical styles in Sopanam and Kathakali music and even has unique musical instruments. A famous article by Sri. T. Lakshmanan Pillai on Kerala’s musical heritage throws light into these intricate aspects.www.swathithirunal.in

In Carnatic music world, Kerala’s place is primarily due to contributions from Swathi Thirunal, composer-king who lived during 1813-1847, as a contemporary of saint Thyagaraja, Deekshithar and Shyama sasthri, the trinity of the Carnatic music.
Swathi Thirunal has composed close to 400 compositions in Sanskrit, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam & Hindi. His Hindi songs are in Hindustani style, the classical music style prevalent in North India. Kerala’s contribution in Carnatic Music does not begin with or end with Swathithirunal. Listed below in chronological order are some of prominent composers from Kerala in the recent history.
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Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhaghavathar ...

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